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Hello there, you’ve come across the portfolio of Everette Springstead (game programmer, hard worker, and PC enthusiast). Here you can take a look at my resume, a few of my personal projects, and some game dev I do in my free time. Currently, I’m working on a small project called Pack Rat and in my spare time I help my college colleagues with their coding problems and endeavors. I am currently working as a Game Dev Professor at Atlantic University and as a Computer Science Teacher at Forward Learning. I specialize in gameplay mechanics programming but enjoy tackling any problem placed in front of me that will help me grow and evolve in my career field. Here are some of the programming languages I know and worked with in the past.

  • C++/C#
  • Python
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • R

I am constantly staying updated on the latest advancements in game development and strive to incorporate innovative ideas into my work. I believe in creating immersive, fun and engaging gaming experiences that captivate players and leave a lasting impression. I’d love to chat about job opportunities, projects I’ve worked on, diversity in tech, computers, or whatever is on your mind. Have a good one!

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